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The Furs at the beach

Every year we try to make it to the OBX. And it wasn’t looking good for us to do our normal week vaca there, but we had a long weekend  and we decided to make an impromptu trip with the girls. I always used to bring my camera and for some reason, I would always get too wrapped up and not even brake out my camera. But I made a point this year to do it. Not only that, but I finally got up for sunrise on the beach…and I’m glad I did. It’s just gorgeous.pet photogrpahy OBXpet photogrpahy OBXpet photogrpahy OBXpet photogrpahy OBXpet photogrpahy OBXpet photogrpahy OBXpet photogrpahy OBX



Adopt Henley | Virginia Pet Photographer



I met adoptable Henley today and I had so much fun getting to know him and his foster family. He’s available for adoption through City Dogs Rescue and here’s some stats on him from City Dogs Rescue website:

Lhaso Apso, Male, 2 years, 14 lbs

Dog Name: Henley

Suspected Breed(s): Lhaso Apso

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years

Weight: ~10 lbs

Personality: Friendly, Playful, Defensive, Goofy, Shy

Observations with Dogs: Good with other dogs. Henley was recently in a foster home with a 2 year old border collie mix. Henley and the border collie were mostly ambivalent towards each other, but they would nap together.

Observations with Cats: Not cat tested.

Observations with Kids: Good. Seemed drawn to kids during walks. Not currently in a home with kids.

House Training Progress: No accidents

Crate Training Progress:  Doing well in crate. Finds comfort and security in his crate. Sometimes it is challenging to get Henley out of his crate, most likely because he feels safe in the crate.

Location: Foster home

Rescued From: Pickens County, SC

Additional Information: Henley is an adorable pup, especially with his hair grown out!  Most people say Henley looks like a little stuffed animal that you just want to cuddle!  He is very affectionate, goofy, loving and gentle! He is pretty lazy and doesn’t require much exercise. He also seems to do very well with other dogs and enjoyed napping with the dog in his last foster home. He did really well when meeting new people and dogs either on walks or at other people’s homes.

Due to a rough start in life, Henley is working through some anxiety. He has a tendency to hide in his crate or under a chair. He seems to find security in these places. But once you are able to pick him up, he is the happiest dog ever!  All that Henley needs is some love and stability and his gentle and loving colors will show through more and more! You won’t need any stuffed animals with Henley around!



The 3 Amigos | Virginia Pet Photographer

These three are the bestest of friends. And with lots of patience and cheese, I just had to snag a photo of all three of them together before Braddock, the pup on the left, leaves. His person is relocating and that means we won’t see much of him around, so we are sure to soak in all the time we can when the 3 amigos are together.