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Not only was Roxy the inspiration for me to pick up a camera again, but she taught me it’s the little things in life matter. Like a simple walk through the woods where she stopped to sniff everything. Or just laying in the rays of sun with her favorite chewy. She was my subject of interest, and my model even if she didn’t want to be.

At the age of 7 was when we had to make the unnatural decision to say good bye. She had an aggressive mass on her heart that was leaking fluid in her heart sac and into her lungs. Our only options were chemo or “making her comfortable.” And her quality of life wouldn’t have been good with either of those options. I cannot begin to describe the pain we had from the decision we made. But we were with her every step of the way up until she left us and we still miss her terribly.

Fortunately, I remembered all the photos that I left on my computer of Roxy. Running full speed through the snow, chasing the ball into the water and bringing it back for more, in a deep sleep in her favorite spot of the couch, or modeling that ridiculous pink polo shirt. I had photos from when she was a 13 week old puppy till the day we had to let her go. The outtakes, I even save the bad ones. I immediately had her photos printed and a wall canvas made. And because of the endless amounts of photos I captured, to me, she lives forever.

I know I can’t be the only one who has this kind of relationship with their pet so I’ve shifted focus to document the fond memories that you will cherish forever just as I do.