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The Furs

It all started when we had assistance from The Backyard Pack to match us with a rescue dog that best fit our personality and lifestyle. We were matched with hound puppies from City Dogs Rescue. Two females actually, Ariel and Penny.
(Baby Goose photos taken by her foster family and used with permission)


After getting our application approved, we were told that Penny had an adoption pending so then we made arrangements to meet Ariel in Richmond. Needless to say, we fell in love with her, took her home and named her Stella.


Months go by and Stella has settled in very nicely with us. We then opened up our home to fostering homeless pups from the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue until they are adopted. We fostered Dinah who was in danger of being put down for lack of space in the shelter and even though we really wanted to make her permanent, we found the perfect home for her and she is very happy!




Days before Dinah got adopted, I noticed Penny (whose name was changed to Leigha) was returned to the rescue due to no fault of her own and put up for adoption again. My heart sank. This was Stella’s sister, her litter mate, how could this be?! Without hesitation, we offered to foster Leigha until she was adopted. We picked her up from City Dogs Daycare in DC with Stella in tow, in hopes for a successful meeting, and all went well, but I could tell Leigha was really confused. We loaded them up in the car and within 20 minutes, I was surprised to see that maybe they remembered each other




After 5 full days of having her and interested adopters wanting to meet her, we realized that it was fate that brought Leigha to us. The bond she and Stella had made in such a short time was to great to let Leigha go. We decided to make her permanent and named her Goose. And we can’t imagine life with out these two crazy hounds!